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We are in a very strategic position, next to the exit point of the A1 Val di Chiana Bettolle if you arrive from the North ; and exit point Chiusi – Chianciano Terme if you arrive from the south. Breath-taking landscapes, dreamy sunsets, rolling hills and unspoilt nature between Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia.The village, Pozzuolo, can be reached on foot, so, once you arrive, forget the car! You will not find televisions, we prefer to suggest you unforgettable walks in the moonlight! Pets are welcome and accommodated free of charge.

Inside the farm you will find the Church of Sant’Antonio: small, built into a farmhouse, known not only by name, but for what it represented … a Hermitage, a toponym widespread in Umbria.
The wood-burning oven, which is still kept perfectly and in use, next to the church, indicates by its considerable size that this place must have been very popular in the past, as a convent, or as a reference for the inhabitants of the village or for pilgrims of transit to Rome. Stade’s Via Romea is on the trajectory. It has always been a place of welcome and the atmosphere that you breathe underlined by ancient cypress trees and centenarian olive trees, symbol of peace in many cultures, make it even more worthy of respect and particularly fascinating.

Free of charge, for all guests staying, regardless of which house they live, are also archery, bowling green, games for children, common rooms, barbecue, bicycles and mountain bikes. Two non-distant riding stables organize horse-riding excursions. On request, guided tours, baby-sitting service and carriage rides are available.

For lovers of local products are nearby areas of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Colli del Trasimeno and Chianti Colli Senesi, as well as Brunello di Montalcino with historic cellars organized for tastings. The Oil mills offer the opportunity to taste the New Oil of Podere, as well as the dairies where the percorino is produced.
Chianciano Terme, just 20 km away, offers the thermal temple of the Terme Sensoriali and the new Swimming pools Theia to rediscover energy, balance and well-being.

For the fans of the trip without haste there is a beautiful route of 64 km in safety, on the bank of the Chiana Canal, along the Path of Reclamation, 4 km from our company, ideal for hiking and cycling. Nearby you can go horseback riding, keep fit in the golf course, go boating, surf at the nearby Castiglionese Sailing Club or organize a fishing day with professional fishermen.
The nearby Outlet of Bettolle, along the Siena Perugia highway, offers a point of particular interest for shopping.
In the company there is a corner of book crossing, open and available free even to non-lodged, where guests exchange books in various languages.

Do not hesitate to ask us for personalized offers. Minimum stay: one night.


Sant’Antonio Church

The little Church of Sant’Antonio, within the grounds of the holiday farm.
In 1701, the Bishop of Città della Pieve wrote in his book of Pastoral Visits of the Diocese that he had visited the Church of Sant’Antonio, known as the Romitorio, in Pozzuolo.
The church is small, set into a farmhouse, known not only by name but also for what it represented:an Eremitorio (the Italian word for “hermitage”), aplace-name which is very common in Umbria. The saint it was named after wasAnthony the Great, born in Coma, in Egypt, around the year 250. He lived with his parents and a sister, in a wealthy family of farmers. After being orphaned prematurely, he decided to leave his sister in the care of a community, give all his worldly goods to the poor and go to live in the desert. People see him as being linked to the annual blessings of animals and their food, which take place every year on the 17th of January.
The order of Saint Anthonytreated sufferers of shingles (Herpes Zoster) with pork fat. This illness, which was very widespread due to malnutrition, caused pain and stinging in the skin and these symptoms were soothed by the pork fat. In those days, the animals that were used to treat the illness were distinguished from others from private farms by a bell worn around their neck.Thisbell is another symbol linked to the Saint, shown attached to the staff which we see him holding in iconography.
The Church of the Romitorio tells this story with its pictures, but it does much more too. Behind the altar it tells another story linked to the Saint, via an ex voto: a fresco which has no artistic value, but which confirms the Saint’s intercession in matters related to the devil.
The fresco, which is in excellent condition, portrays a house possessed by the devil, which is painted in the background in the bottom right-hand corner. Thanks to the intercession of Saint Anthony, the house was freed from the devil and winged demons can be seen fleeing, as flames, the symbol of purification, devour it: this is not destruction by fire, but salvation. To thank the Saint for freeing it, the owner of the house paid an artist to tell this story; the Hermit appears in the foreground, depicted in charitable prayer, before the Crucifix, with a pig at his feet. The image of the Saint is impressive while that of the animal at his feet is rather tender.
The church also houses a wooden statue of the Saint and the pig at his feet, dating back to the 19th century. This statue is carried in the parade that takes place during the celebration of the Saint’s day. By extension of the meaning, Saint Anthony is considered to be the protector of all animals in general.
The wood-fuelled oven next to the church is still perfectly conserved and in use today, and is so large as to indicate that the place must have been very busily populated in the past, either as a monastery or as a point of reference for local residents or for pilgrims passing through on their way to Rome. Via Romea di Stade is along the route. It has always been a place where people were welcome and the atmosphere breathed here, emphasised by the ancient

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